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About The Educational Foundation

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Educational Foundation of Waupun, Inc. is to support educational experiences for students and staff in our public and parochial schools within the Waupun Area School District. Grants to educators and scholarships to students pursuing post-secondary studies are initiatives of the Foundation. The Foundation provides supplemental financial support for grants that provide enhanced and/or innovative programming that support the use of recent technologies in teaching and learning not otherwise funded through school budgets. Schools may also initiate community-oriented grants. All funding for Foundation initiatives comes from local business, civic, private sector and individual donations.​

"Investing In Our Students,

Investing In Our Future!"

Our Mission

Who are we?


Steve Buchholz - President 920-210-4492 Scholarship

Austin Armga - Vice President 920-324-2534 Scholarship

Lynn Hartgerink - Secretary 920-210-4325 Promotions

Carla Petersen - Treasurer 920-324-4945 Scholarship


Sandy Buchholz - 920-210-8155 Scholarship

Stephen Chené - 262-903-7424 Grants

Matt Dickhut - 920-539-3106  Promotions

Robbi Schranz - 920-344-7758 Grants

Becky Smith - Promotions

Chris VanBuren - 920-324-4618 Grants

Sue Vandeberg - 920-296-2904 Promotions

Erin Wierenga - 920-296-9727 Scholarship


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